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We are proudly Australian owned and operated, making us more accessible to our customers.

With a commitment to delivering customer focused solutions we have a strong capability that allows us to architect solutions for large corporates right through to tailored support packages for even the smallest of businesses. We strongly believe in being able to design technology solutions that support our customers instead of a one-size-fits-all approach.

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“In choosing to partner with VInet Technology Solutions, you will experience unique qualities of our organisation that we challenge you to find elsewhere.”

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Proudly Australian owned and operated!

Making us more accessible to our customers.

Effective solutions to IT issues

It’s not often enough to be able to navigate your company’s technology challenges. The expert technology team at VInet can help. We analyse, detect, and ultimately deliver professional solutions.

Seamless communication

At VInet, our team will help your company set up your systems and technology in a way that allows for easy communication among colleagues, stakeholders, and even customers.

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Tailored Solutions

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TestimonialVInet Client
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"As with most professional services, the accounting services industry is increasingly reliant on data on demand. Time-consuming backups are no longer acceptable as in accessible systems and data would cost significant downtime. We needed to bring in an IT provider like VInet who understands the accounting space and our need for solutions."
TestimonialVInet Client
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"The industry is very competitive, and we need to protect our margins by ensuring our IT is incredibly powerful and cost-competitive."
TestimonialVInet Client
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"Our strategic partnership with VInet and use of OneLogin as our identity provider has dramatically improved our security posture. We’re still learning what’s possible with OneLogin, but every time we’ve improved something, it has involved a OneLogin solution.”


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