• VInet Technology

    Integrating technology to significantly
    improve your business.


We are proudly Australian owned and operated, making us more accessible to our customers.

With a commitment to delivering customer focused solutions we have a strong capability that allows us to architect solutions for large corporates right through to tailored support packages for even the smallest of businesses. We strongly believe in being able to design technology solutions that support our customers instead of a one-size-fits-all approach.


“In choosing to partner with VInet Technology Solutions, you will experience unique qualities of our organisation that we challenge you to find elsewhere.”

Customer Focused Technology Solutions

Managed Services

Our VInet Manage system provides monitoring, patch management, security management, auditing and proactive support for your network.

Hosted Services

Our portfolio of hosted and cloud-based technologies allows our customers to take advantage of enterprise level solutions at a small-business price point.

Infrastructure Services

With decades of truly global experience, the team at VInet has a wealth of knowledge that can be drawn on to assist in the design and implementation of solutions for organisations of all sizes and complexities.

Technology Advisory

Our team spend the time to understand the technology available and where it is headed to ensure your infrastructure is taking advantage of the best fit for purpose technology today with a view to taking advantage of future trends.