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What is Business Process Automation?

Business Process Automation (BPA) allows for full or partial automation of your businesses core processes. 

Often mission critical tasks are managed by email or personal task lists. As a business grows its need for efficiency and accuracy grow with it. 

Automation generally involves 2 key components: 

1 . Digital Form(s) 

Used to capture and/or update the information required by the system and people involved. Commonly these forms closely resemble the paper or word/excel forms they are replacing, although additional ‘smarts’ can allow for efficiencies such as automatic selection of a approver per your delegation of authority policy. 

2 . Workflows 

Run the process behind the forms. They can generate digital approvals, combine information from multiple sources, provide notifications and can make intelligent decisions based on the provided information.

Workflows can be used to digitise your core business procedures, ensuring that the correct process is followed each time. Each step in a workflow is fully auditable, allowing for proof of adherence to policy to auditors. 

More advanced workflows allow for integration into core business systems such as accounting packages or utilisation of machine learning for sentiment analysis, computer vision or anomaly detection. 

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Does this sound like you?

Business Process Automation can solve each of these problems with easy to use & update solutions. 

Common examples of candite processes for BPA





Core Business

Solutions tailored for your business

We will recommend the appropriate technology based on your current M365 licencing, complexity of solution and budget. 

SharePoint Online

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Microsoft Teams

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Power Automate

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Azure Logic Apps

azure logic apps

Azure Cognitive Services

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Custom Solutions

How to Get Started

Our team follows the highest standards of technical rigour with security testing, code reviews and automated deployment.

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Step 1: Discovery

VInet begins every relationship with a comprehensive discovery workshop that helps us understand your existing processes & desired outcomes. We can demonstrate the latest digital transformation solutions to ensure your business is fully equipped for planning digital strategy. 

Step 2: Recommendation

We will recommend projects or initiatives of the highest benefit & commercially sound outcomes to the business. Each process being scrutinized for its ability to scale and transform with the business over time. 

Step 3: Implementation

VInet’s digital transformation team will work with your business to design, implement and roll-out the desired solution. 

Step 4: Continuous Improvement

Success can be measured from process analytics and subjectively from your users. By reviewing these outcomes periodically, each process may warrant changes for further speed, accuracy, or alignment with organisational change.

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