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cloud disaster recovery

what is cloud disaster recovery?

Cloud disaster recovery is a service offering that enables your company to back up its entire IT infrastructure to a third-party cloud service. This allows your company to work from that cloud environment until you get your server back online.

VInet can assist you in handling the entire disaster recovery process. We will help your business to continue, no matter what happens, whether it’s cyber attacks, power outages, equipment failures or even natural disasters.

Does this sound like you?

In the event your business has a disaster, VInet are able to recover your data, physical or virtual servers as quickly as possible. Disaster recovery and business continuity is our business!

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*Disaster Recovery Preparedness Benchmark Survey claims
Losses from outages can range from a few thousand dollars to millions of dollars with many businesses indicating losses of more than $50,000 to over $5 million*
*Disaster Recovery Preparedness Benchmark Survey claims
More than 36% of the organisations lost one or more critical applications...
*Disaster Recovery Preparedness Benchmark Survey claims
One in four respondents said that they had lost most or all of a data centre for hours or even days...
*Disaster Recovery Preparedness Benchmark Survey claims
More than 60% of those who took the survey did not have a fully documented Disaster Recovery Plan...
*Disaster Recovery Preparedness Benchmark Survey claims
23% of the respondents never tested their own Disaster Recovery Plan...
*Disaster Recovery Preparedness Benchmark Survey claims
43.5% of the respondents said the outage was due to human error...
*Disaster Recovery Preparedness Benchmark Survey claims
More than 65% did not pass their own Disaster Recovery Plan Test...
*Disaster Recovery Preparedness Benchmark Survey claims
26% said that their Disaster Recovery process cost anywhere between $5,000 to $50,000 to test...
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Tailored Cloud Solutions for YOUR business

We work with you and your your business to build a Disaster Recovery plan delivered, documented and tested quarterly or bi-annually.


[ Once-off ]
  • VInet complete an audit of the current systems and data in place to ensure all systems and data are captured


[ Ongoing Assessments ]
  • Our team identify potential disaster scenarios which may affect systems and services within your environment


[ Once-off ]
  • In this phase we Install the appropriate hardware and software and setup the schedules per your requirements


[ Ongoing Updates ]
  • Here policies, procedures and scenarios are documented for your environment and assist with the update of your overall business continuity plan


[ Bi-annually ]
  • To ensure the effectiveness of your hosted disaster recovery our team complete tests by running your business from the new environment

Thorough Discovery

Understand Your Threats

Tailored Solutions

Preparing You For Disaster

Comprehensive Testing