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What are Cloud Computing & Hosting Services?

Cloud computing services use a network of remotely hosted servers on the internet to store, manage and process data for small and medium businesses instead of relying on expensive offline data centers and in-house IT departments. Cloud services are more important than ever given the prevalence remote work, and help organisations to collaborate and communicate in uniform one system.

Cloud services can also be tailored to meet specific goals and ensure business continuity while providing a safe and secure remote backup and disaster recovery solution. VInet Technology Solutions works with your team to decentralize your IT infrastructure and seamlessly manages the entire process for you.

We have helped many local businesses throughout Adelaide to become less reliant on unsecure physical hardware, militate against risks, and to meet the needs of their customers in a dynamic regulatory environment. With our experience, we are one of the best cloud service providers in South Australia.

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Cloud support services for small business & Medium Business

Why your Adelaide business needs cloud services

You have IT Constraints

Local servers are slow and inefficient. Instead, access your software, files and data center on the cloud without slowdowns in real-time.

You have Data Security Concerns

Business critical company data can be confidentially stored in the cloud and with tailored access rights. Data stored in the cloud remains secure, confidential and managed by automated software systems.n.

You have Backup and Recovery Problems

Data backup and disaster recovery solutions ensure business continuity by automatically storing critical business data in remote data centers instead of vulnerable local servers.

You work in a regulated industry

Data is the lifeblood of the digital economy and certain industries demand strict data security & information privacy compliance. A secure remote cloud solution achieves this objective.

Cloud Services For Adelaide Businesses

Data Migration

Migrating data can be complex and potentially disastrous without specialized expertise. We can effortlessly migrate data ranging from single server networks to complex corporate and government systems from our local Adelaide based cloud infrastructure systems. Our team will also work with yours to plan and execute a seamless data migration strategy.

Cloud Backup

Prevent business disruptions through tailored data recovery solutions in a timely manner. Our scheduled backup and remote databases mitigate disaster risks and ensure seamless business continuity.

Cloud Disaster Recovery

We monitor, troubleshoot and resolve disruptions to get your business back on track in the event of a disaster. We pride ourselves on long-term solutions so that you don’t lose documents, software & hours of downtime.

Microsoft 365

365 managed services including Outlook, Exchange Server(s), MYOB & more. We’re an extension of your IT team and guide you to improve your existing platforms by implementing complete 360 solutions in a flexible and cost-effective manner. We can also refit your entire systems. VInet remain on the forefront of the latest technology to give you a competitive edge.

Cloud Identity Management

We provide more than simple single sign on (SSO) solutions by shifting your business identity infrastructure to the cloud and across any device, operating system or remote resource to facilitate authentication and keep outside threats away from your data.

Public Cloud vs Private Cloud – What’s the Difference?

Private cloud computing services offer a high degree of customization, security and privacy on the internet and ensure sensitive data cannot be accessed by third-parties. They are a single tenant environment and enable companies to design their own data centers using software defined programming and virtualization. They offer flexibility, savings, security and control benefits and are suitable for organisation with predictable workloads, customization requirements and business in regulation industries.

Public cloud computing services are ‘shared tenant environments’ (such as Dropbox, Google Drive, iCloud, AWS, Azure) and are managed by an external third-party. They offer a one size fits all solution where all users share the same resources, hardware, storage and network devices. Public clouds are more common and have better utilization rates while meeting spare demand on a pay-as-you-need-it basis.

VInet Technology Solutions will assess your technology needs and design a cloud solution to provide value to your business. We can also help your select and configure the best cloud services – whether that private or public.

It's Easy With Our 3-Step Process

Step 1

We start every relationship with a personal consultation and conduct a detailed assessment of your business network including network documentation, verifying data backup & disaster plans, detailing lists of current & future problems, and provide a complete network analysis.

Step 2

Next, our team will recommend a tailored solution using the data gathered from our initial consultation to meet current and future needs of your business.

Step 3

We will execute the recommended solution and transition your business infrastructure to the cloud without interruption. Your business is now ready for anything and can handle anything that is thrown at is, from data storage, disaster recovery, hosting custom applications and endless data storage.

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The Best Cloud Company in Adelaide

We work closely with our clients to determine the value of their company and business data to implement flexible, comprehensive, customer focused technology solutions that fit their needs and budgets. We have a proven track record of delivering flexible solutions in our products, services and recommendations that evolve to meet business goals and challenges.

More Australian businesses are adopting cost-effective cloud computing solutions to quickly scale their operations, particularly since transitioning to remote working. Therefore, to remain competitive in today’s economy, businesses require cost-effective tailored cloud environments that are secure and self-sufficient instead of depending on vulnerable, depreciating and expensing local data centers.

However, transitioning to the cloud requires a comprehensive migration strategy in order succeed and can be fraught with disaster if haphazardly implemented. VInet Technology Solutions provides a service that you can count on – every time. We believe in being long-term partners with our clients by providing responsive, proactive and hassle free cloud services.

We are proven industry leaders in establishing cloud environments that are secure, and one of few Adelaide cloud service providers to ensure your data remains secure from risks in transit and whilst in storage. Our of the box backup and security solutions ensure your user data is protected at all times and exceed industry standards.

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