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What are Cloud Computing & Hosting Services?

Cloud computing relies on a virtual infrastructure on the internet to store, manage and process data for small and medium businesses instead of on-site and accident prone data centers. More businesses in Newcastle are scaling up by using flexible cloud solutions and working with hosting service providers to eliminate business interruptions and risk.

VInet Technology Solutions is one of the best cloud service providers in regional Australia and New South Wales. We tailor custom cloud services to not only meet your business’ specific goals but to also make you less dependent on depreciating hardware infrastructure. Contact us to decentralize your IT infrastructure, collaborate seamlessly across one system, streamline communication, and more. We can manage the entire process for you.

We have helped many businesses in Newcastle to become less reliant on expensive hardware and servers and to meet the needs of their customers in a changing regulatory framework.

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Cloud Managed services is the right solution?

Signs That Your Newcastle Business Needs a Cloud Solution

You have IT Constraints

Your staff still uses an outdated local server to access and run all company data and software. Over time, your system gets slower and more inefficient. Off-site storage and cloud solutions solve this issue.

You Face Data Security Threats

Unauthorised access to your confidential company data can result in significant fines, business interruption, and loss of reputation. Prevent this by protecting critical data and personal information on the cloud with a secure cloud storage solution.

You have a lot of Data to Backup

Automated Data backup and recovery guarantees business continuity without interruption in the event of a data breach, catastrophe, or technical issue. A cloud storage solution can streamline and automates regular data backups and keep the same safe in a remote location.

What Cloud Service does your business need?

Data Migration

We start by examining your data migration needs to develop and execute a seamless data migration strategy in order to avoid data loss and corruption. We can easily transfer data ranging from single server networks through to large complex, corporate and government mainframes through our Newcastle based cloud infrastructure systems.

Cloud Backup

Prevent business downtime and disruptions with an automated data recovery solution. Our scheduled backup systems maintain real time copies of your valuable business data in remote databases to proactively guard your business from disaster and risk. This ensure seamless business continuity.

Cloud Disaster Recovery

We pride ourselves on long-term solutions so that you don’t lose documents, software & hours of downtime. If the unthinkable happens, our team will be there by your side to get you back on track and minimize disruption and downtime, while troubleshooting causes and implementing solutions.

Microsoft 365 Support

Office 365 managed services including Outlook, Exchange Server(s), MYOB & more. We’re an extension of your IT team and guide you to improve your existing platforms by implementing complete 360 solutions in a flexible and cost-effective manner. We can also refit your entire systems. VInet remain on the forefront of the latest technology to give you a competitive edge.

Cloud Identity Management

We provide more than simple single sign on (SSO) solutions by shifting your business identity infrastructure to the cloud and across any device, operating system or remote resource to facilitate authentication and keep outside threats away from your data.

Choosing Between a Public vs Private Cloud Environment

A Private cloud is more customizable, secure and private than a public cloud. Unlike a public cloud, data on a private cloud cannot be accessed by third-parties. Whereas a public cloud is a multi-tenant environment, the private cloud is a single tenant environment and enables companies to design their own data centers using software defined programming and virtualization. This provides unmatched flexibility and control benefits which are suited to businesses regulated industries with custom requirements and predictable workloads.

On the other hand, a public cloud is managed by an external third party and offers a one size fits all solution where all users share the same hardware, storage, network devices  and resources. They are more common and have higher use-rates while satisfying excess demand on a pay as needed basis. We can help you pick the right cloud solution for your business and design the best cloud solution to help you meet the needs of your customers and regulators.

It's Easy With Our 3-Step Process

Step 1

We start every relationship with a personal consultation and conduct a detailed assessment of your business network including network documentation, verifying data backup & disaster plans, detailing lists of current & future problems, and provide a complete network analysis.

Step 2

Next, our team will recommend a tailored solution using the data gathered from our initial consultation to meet current and future needs of your business.

Step 3

We will execute the recommended solution and transition your business infrastructure to the cloud without interruption. Your business is now ready for anything and can handle anything that is thrown at is, from data storage, disaster recovery, hosting custom applications and endless data storage.

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The Best Cloud Services Provider in Newcastle

We work closely with business in Newcastle to determine the value of their business data and implement agile, wide-ranging, solutions that fit their needs and budgets. We have a proven track record of delivering results with our products, services and advice that evolve to meet our customers goals and challenges.

Successful businesses in Newcastle adopt affordable cloud computing solutions to scale their operations and to remain competitive because they understand the value of protecting company data and ensuring business continuity. They also work with reputable IT providers like VInet Technology Solutions to manage their data migration to a cloud environment because we provide a service they can count – every time. We believe in being long-term partners with our clients by providing responsive, proactive and hassle free cloud services.

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