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we make understanding your cloud options easy!

Cloud computing and hosted services have seen an explosion in uptake in recent years, with more and more organisations taking advantage of these services allowing them to scale quickly and remove the dependence for on-premise technology. In the race to cloud, many fail to take the time to properly assess and understand the implications.

Cost should not be the only factor in moving to a cloud solution. While data sovereignty is becoming less of a concern for most, key considerations such as security and back-up have become more pressing issues in today’s hybrid cloud environments. Few cloud providers include out-of-the-box back-up and security features for data in transit as well as at rest. This is fast becoming a key requirement in moving to cloud services and ensuring the same level of data protection as can be achieved through traditional technology.

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66% of Australian businesses do not have a disaster recovery plan, leaving them vulnerable to disruptions and financial loss ...
Over 40% of businesses that do not have a Disaster Recovery Plan go out of business after a major loss ...
58% of surveyed businesses in Australia experienced a cyber incident, leading to disruption and data loss ...
The average cost of a cyber security incident to Australian businesses was estimated to be over AU$276,000 ...
64% of Australian businesses experienced a significant data loss event, with each event resulting in an average loss of AU$849,000 ...
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cloud solutions

At VInet, we have the capability to work across a number of cloud platforms delivering best-of-breed solutions that allow our customers to take advantage of multiple cloud technologies. Assessing your technology needs should always be the first step in designing a solution that provides real value to your business, regardless of whether that solution is cloud-based.

cloud backup solutions

Recovering data in a timely manner is paramount to mitigating business disruption

cloud disaster recovery

Get back on track quickly no matter what happens with a cloud disaster recovery plan

microsoft 365 solutions

Boost Your Productivity and improve productivity with Microsoft 365 Cloud Solutions

cloud identity management

Managing user identities, authentication and access control is essential

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TestimonialVInet Client
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"As with most professional services, the accounting services industry is increasingly reliant on data on demand. Time-consuming backups are no longer acceptable as in accessible systems and data would cost significant downtime. We needed to bring in an IT provider like VInet who understands the accounting space and our need for solutions."
TestimonialVInet Client
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"The industry is very competitive, and we need to protect our margins by ensuring our IT is incredibly powerful and cost-competitive."
TestimonialVInet Client
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"Our strategic partnership with VInet and use of OneLogin as our identity provider has dramatically improved our security posture. We’re still learning what’s possible with OneLogin, but every time we’ve improved something, it has involved a OneLogin solution.”