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VInet Technology Solutions was founded on the ideology that every business, regardless of size, would benefit from a foundation of a stable and reliable technology platform. Our team prides itself on designing and implementing solutions that exceed expectations and support future business growth and at VInet our goal is to help our customers achieve theirs.

We strive to be the forefront of technology and have continued to develop a portfolio of products and services that support you in achieving your business objectives providing the products, services and support that allow you to get on with what’s important – your core business.

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Read what our clients have to say about their experience with VInet

TestimonialVInet Client
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"As with most professional services, the accounting services industry is increasingly reliant on data on demand. Time-consuming backups are no longer acceptable as in accessible systems and data would cost significant downtime. We needed to bring in an IT provider like VInet who understands the accounting space and our need for solutions."
TestimonialVInet Client
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"The industry is very competitive, and we need to protect our margins by ensuring our IT is incredibly powerful and cost-competitive."
TestimonialVInet Client
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"Our strategic partnership with VInet and use of OneLogin as our identity provider has dramatically improved our security posture. We’re still learning what’s possible with OneLogin, but every time we’ve improved something, it has involved a OneLogin solution.”