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Introducing our CPD training register!

Built by Professionals, for Professionals

Are you tired of the endless hassle of managing Continuing Professional Development (CPD) records? Meet Our CPD Training Register (Add-in for Outlook), the brainchild of a collaborative effort between industry experts. Conceived in 2015 out of sheer frustration with archaic record-keeping methods, this innovative solution has since been perfected to address the needs of professionals across various sectors.

In today’s fast-paced world, staying ahead in your field requires more than just talent—it demands efficiency and adaptability. Recognising the challenges professionals face in maintaining accurate and up-to-date CPD records, our team embarked on a mission to simplify the way continuing professional development is managed.

Our CPD Training Register isn’t just another software solution—it’s a testament to our commitment to empowering professionals like you. By combining cutting-edge technology with real-world expertise, we’ve created a tool that simplifies compliance, enhances productivity, and gives you the peace of mind to focus on what truly matters—your growth and success.

Join the countless professionals who have already made the switch to our CPD Training Register and experience the difference for yourself.

Say goodbye to late-night efforts scrambling to compile all your CPD activities upon receiving an audit notice. Embrace a smarter, more efficient method for CPD management with the CPD Training Register

Why Training register?

Simplify Compliance

Your ultimate solution for CPD management, offering a comprehensive approach to simplifying compliance and enhancing professional development. With our intuitive platform, individuals can effortlessly track their CPD hours, ensuring accuracy and efficiency in annual reporting. Additionally, CPD Training Register ensures audit preparedness, empowering users to confidently navigate individual audits and whole-of-practice quality reviews. Network reporting becomes a breeze, enabling seamless fulfillment of network or alliance reporting obligations. Moreover, our platform provides invaluable support to HR and People & Culture teams, offering assurance that training and development efforts are effectively implemented and monitored.

Effortless Tracking

Easily and accurately monitor your CPD hours for seamless annual reporting.

Audit Ready

Be ready for individual audits and whole-of-practice quality reviews.

Network Reporting

Fulfill network or alliance reporting obligations effortlessly.

HR Support

Provide assurance to your HR and People & Culture team regarding training and development efforts.

Pricing That Speaks for Itself

CPD Training Register is not just another software—it’s a game-changer!

The team at VInet Technology Solutions have meticulously crafted our pricing to ensure it’s not just competitive, but truly advantageous for our users. With a small upfront cost and minimal ongoing expenses, our pricing model is designed to be accessible to businesses of any size. Whether you prefer the convenience of monthly payments or the cost-saving benefits of an annual subscription, our flexible pricing options cater to your needs.

Basic Plan

Less than 20 active users
$ 100
  • Save with an Annual Plan $1,000/Year + GST
  • Upfront purchase and installation cost $1,500 + GST (paid online via Stripe gateway)
  • Less than 20 active users

Standard Plan

20 – 49 active users
$ 200
  • Save with an Annual Plan $2,000/Year + GST
  • Upfront purchase and installation cost $1,500 + GST (paid online via Stripe gateway)
  • 20 - 49 users

Premium Plan

50 – 99 active users
$ 300
  • Save with an Annual Plan $3,000/Year + GST
  • Upfront purchase and installation cost $1,500 + GST (paid online via Stripe gateway)
  • 50 - 99 active users

Enterprise Plan

100+ active users
POA Monthly
  • Save with an Annual Plan / Contact Us
  • Upfront purchase and installation cost $1,500 + GST (paid online via Stripe gateway)
  • 100+ active users


Unlike other software vendors who promise life-changing results, we prefer honesty. We won’t ever say we will revolutionise your entire existence, but when you find yourself effortlessly compiling your CPD records, you’ll understand the true value of choosing our solution.

Get a quick overview of CPD Training Register and its benefits in our promo video.