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Create a modern workplace and transform your business!

Does your business have processes that live or die with a single person reading & responding to email?

Is there someone responsible for manually keeping client information current between various applications critical to your business? 

Do you have to ask someone where to find the latest copy of a template, policy, or sales order? 

Modern business practice requires fast, efficient & auditable handling of core business processes. Through Finance, Human Resources, Health, Safety & the Environment & Sales. 

VInet’s consultants have been assisting local companies to transform their processes for over 15 years.

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How Digital Transformation Can Help You

Digital transformation allows your knowledge workers to focus on what is important to the business.  

For example, highly skilled and ticketed engineering staff can remain in the field using digital forms to capture, process and deliver reports to customers without ever returning to the office. A digital marketeer does not need to export the client list from the core business system into their CRM platform each time a bulk mailout occurs. 

89% of business have already adopted, or plan to adopt a digital first business strategy citing benefits such as: 

  • Improved operational Efficiency 
  • Time to market (decrease) 
  • (Improved) Customer Experience 

VInet Technology Solutions have seen business Digital transformation projects gain a return on investment within 6-24 months!

Types of Digital Transformation

VInet has expertise in working with business to implement: 


SharePoint Intranets


SharePoint / Microsoft Team’s based collaboration platforms

Digital Forms

Digital forms & workflow via SharePoint & Power Automate


System integrations across applications such as, Microsoft Business Central, SAP & Xero

We deliver solutions primarily utilising Microsoft Cloud technology: 

Microsoft 365

microsoft 365

Microsoft Teams

microsoft sharepoint

SharePoint Online

microsoft teams

Power BI

microsoft power bi

Power Automate

microsoft power automate

Custom Applications

microsoft power apps

How to Get Started

Our team follows the highest standards of technical rigour with security testing, code reviews and automated deployment.

digital transformation consultation

Step 1: Discovery

VInet begins every relationship with a comprehensive discovery workshop that helps us understand your existing processes & desired outcomes. We can demonstrate the latest digital transformation solutions to ensure your business is fully equipped for planning digital strategy. 

Step 2: Recommendation

We will recommend projects or initiatives of the highest benefit & commercially sound outcomes to the business. Each process being scrutinized for its ability to scale and transform with the business over time. 

Step 3: Implementation

VInet’s digital transformation team will work with your business to design, implement and roll-out the desired solution. 

Step 4: Continuous Improvement

Success can be measured from process analytics and subjectively from your users. By reviewing these outcomes periodically, each process may warrant changes for further speed, accuracy, or alignment with organisational change.

Our People

Will Haywood 

Will Haywood is a technology leader in digital transformation. Having worked in the industry as a developer analyst, software development lead & principal consultant in the Newcastle & Sydney regions for 15 years. He has been responsible for delivery of projects ranging from 50 to 20,000 seat Intranets & document management solutions to purchasing & reporting solutions with tight integration into ERP and core business software. 

Working across Finance, NFP, NDIS, Government, Insurance and Medical industries he has a deep understanding of core business process and what is required for successful digital transformation projects. 

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