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What does an IT Consultant Do?

IT consulting services involve evaluating and analyzing a business’ existing IT systems to ensure they function as intended and meet their goals. Our Newcastle IT Consultants provide strategies, guidance, and advice to local businesses to source, utilize and effectively managed their IT resources. We do this by understanding their needs first and where required designing new systems to help unlock growth and training to adopt tailored technology solutions which minimize cost & delays.

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When to Hire a Newcastle IT Consultant?

You are considering going paperless

Paper based businesses remain inefficient and less productive than paperless businesses. They also leave a large ecological footprint and are more prone to accidents, data breaches, and mishaps. An IT consultant can work with your business to plan and implement a paperless plan that not only saves the environment but pays for itself in increased productivity without compromising data security.

Your staff wastes time on repetitive tasks

Successful Newcastle businesses embrace automation to streamline workflow processes and redeploy human resources for impact instead of wasting the same on manual work and data entry. By leveraging technology to work smarter, your Newcastle business can save costs, maximize productivity, and minimize human error with the benefit of auditable record trails.

You have poor cyber security

Cyber security threats continue to evolve and regulators are taking notice. Businesses in regulated industries must demonstrate cyber awareness or face significant fines and embarrassment. An IT consultant will work with your business to recommend and implement cyber security solutions to prevent unauthorized users from accessing sensitive data, instill confidence in clients and demonstrate compliance to regulators.

You struggle upgrading to newer technology

IT consultants keep your business competitive in the marketplace by helping you to understand and adopt the latest technology, in addition to developing custom software to meet the needs of your business and clients.

VInet Newcastle Offers

IT Product Selection and Solution Design

Our IT consultants scrutinize your business processes and technology to help you make an informed decision in selecting the right products. They also design tailored technology solutions to solve current and future needs. Leverage our skills to identify the best fit solution for your business.

Budgeting and Financial Forecasting

VInet can help you understand what your IT budget should be, comparing it to others in your industry and providing forecasting to help you plan for growth.

IT Maturity Assessments

Modern businesses depend on their technology for success and maturity assessments are the benchmark to assess IT landscapes against. Our IT consultants help your business identify gaps between current and future states to make improvements over time in order to create an improved IT landscape. An assessment may also reveal strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats.

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Understanding Our Process

Step 1


VInet audits your current systems, policies and procedures with a view toward aligning with best practices and standards as they apply to your organisation.

Step 2


We validate the technology employed within your organisation and redesign it where appropriate to match your requirements for the present and future.

Step 3


We assist with mapping processes and matching system requirements to business requirements by helping you select the ‘best-fit’ of software that improves business process and outcomes.

Step 4


We help businesses review 3rd party suppliers to minimize the risk of notifiable data breaches to their organisation.

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