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Looking for local IT help desk services?

VInet Technology Solutions are more than an IT Help Desk! Our team will help your business get back on track quickly, troubleshoot your technical challenges and support your team when they need it.

Does this sound like you?

Minimise your downtime with local support. VInet’s team have years of experience with businesses like yours to get you up and running as soon as possible. We won’t just ask you to ‘turn your computer on and off again’!

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Can your business afford downtime?

Even before the COVID-19 pandemic hit, help desk services were becoming mainstream solutions. They offer a cheap and seamless way for businesses to innovate their technical support, thereby allowing on-site staff to properly focus on core priorities. The pandemic only exposed, then fast-tracked its actualisation. 

Many organisations still maintain remote workstations for all or some of their staff. The challenges that come with trying to adapt staff to the new reality of remote work have caused the help desks to be swamped with an unprecedented number of demands. Now more than ever, it’s crucial for IT departments to serve effectively as the backbone of the workplace. 

Highlighting this increased request for help desk support along with the corresponding IT labour shortage, companies may now need get help desk support to a reputable third-party provider.  

At VInet Technology Solutions, we offer professional help desk service for companies. You get to leave the mundane, day-to-day customer issues to us while you go ahead with attending to more important business needs. What’s more? We attend to your users’ issues with a healthy blend of good manners and refined professionalism.  

IT help desk services

With VInet providing IT help desk services, your team will enjoy faster responses when faced with technical issues.

When an issue comes up, any employee can contact VInet for a rapid solution. Someone will ALWAYS answer you. This will effectively eliminate the wait list in the company, especially at times when the IT department is swamped with more pressing requests. While we deal with simple user issues, your IT department can attend to more important company issues. 

It can be difficult and expensive for any company to bring together an IT team that has a broad spectrum of industry expertise. It’s even more challenging if you have limited internal resources. General IT knowledge, which is what most companies’ IT specialists possess, is often insufficient to tackle the barrage of IT problems encountered daily. 

VInet’s help desk service is home to a broad, diverse team that possesses a variety of IT expertise. So, without having to alter your IT team, you can access some of the most experienced professionals in the industry.

It’s commonplace for entire departments or even whole companies to quickly lose focus due to minor technology issues. Your IT team may lose focus on the priorities if they spend their time solving minor help desk issues. But once you utilise our help desk services, your IT department can focus on it’s business priorities.

With your in-house help desk continuously swamped with requests, response and service quality can suffer. But by working with VInet, you will get the support you need. Our primary focus is to answer your calls and address your IT problems. Nothing is standing in our way of providing excellent customer service, always. 

VInet will not only do everything to fix your IT problems, but we will also make sure most of the issues are prevented before they happen. Some of the preventive measures will include Anti-Virus protection, Windows patch management, 3rd party software patch management, computer, and server monitoring. All these (and more as your unique needs are ascertained) will leave room for fewer disruptions.

Money is a crucial factor in a companies’ decision-making process. If your company makes the switch to an IT help desk service, it will be reclaiming money usually lost due to reduced employees’ (especially IT staff) productivity. VInet Technology Solutions provide an efficient help desk that will not only cut costs but will also help to improve employees’ overall efficiency.

Tailored solutions for YOUR business

We work with you to support your business and IT team, so you can go ahead with attending to more important business needs.

Support Hours

  • Buy a block of hours and consume as needed without having a re-occurring cost if you dont use them

Monthly Hours

  • Have a fixed amount of hours and costs per month, with unused hours rolling over to the next month


  • Useful when you need help with a specific project or once-off problem that your IT can't attend to

Per Device

  • Pay a fixed amount per device for on-going support and only when you need it

How VInet can help you?

Technology is increasingly becoming the centre of every business. Efficient help desk support is no longer the luxury it used to be, it’s now a necessity.

VInet Technology Solutions will provide help desk services that will help your business run smoothly. We are an Australian-owned and operated company that offers cutting-edge solutions to customers. We believe that all businesses are unique in structure and offerings, we strive to design solutions for small, medium, and large businesses to help them run more efficiently.

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