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committed to sustainability

The technology sector is undoubtedly one of the dominating sectors of the world, but it also makes it one of the biggest pollutants. VInet chooses to work with sustainable tech companies that are leading the way and making real, leading efforts in reducing their climate impacts and in protecting the environment. By choosing to work with these companies, the products and service we select make a significant impact.

Electronic devices and the environment

In this technological era, it is almost impossible for us to stop using these devices, so what we can do instead is to support sustainable technology companies such that endeavour to have the least degree of harm on the environment. From recycled materials to sustainable packaging, VInet are acutely aware that the decisions we make on the vendors we work with at the beginning of these products lifecycle has a significant impact on the overall sustainability of the technology we deploy.
In 2017, Greenpeace evaluated 17 technological companies in terms of their environmental performance. Companies VInet works with such as Dell and Microsoft continually top that list and are continually improving the way in which we can take advantage of sustainability programs globally. While these brands continue their efforts to be as environmentally-friendly as ever, we understand we also play a role in that supply chain to ensure customers are aware of these steps and at the end of the product lifecycle these products are returned to the beginning of the supply chain through recycling and repurposing programs.

The statistics

Together, they create a huge negative impact on the environment, a problem which can no longer be neglected.

Make an impact

Leverage the power of the circular economy, extend the useful life of your technology and build a return strategy you can be proud of. Together, we can support your sustainability goals and take a big step toward a smaller environmental footprint.


Find out what your equipment is worth and use trade in programs to quickly help your business grow. If there’s no value, we recycle all devices in compliance with regulatory guidelines and document the entire process for you.